Work Package I.4 - Gathering of exposure data and development of an exposure database


  • To develop and populate the project exposure database.
  • To evaluate the completeness of the transferred exposure data with regards to the model input parameters and description of the exposure scenario.

Description of work

We plan to extend the ART database to include all the required relevant contextual informationfor the input parameters forall the models included in this validation project.  The project database will cover both inhalation and dermal exposures.

We will be reviewing the completeness of each data set in relation to  an individual exposure situation within the database, in particular in terms of the availability of the model input parameters. Some expert assessment based on information provided by the data owners may be possible to fill in some of the gaps. 

Based on the above evaluation, we will be proposing data sets for  inclusionin the external validation process.  All exposure situations with sufficient exposure and contextual data will be described and if possible categorized with regard to the existing scenario uncertainties. Those scenarios that have complete data on all input parameters for all models will be identified.