Exposure tools between-user reliability exercise

Volunteers required!

When applying Tier 1 exposure assessment tools to their workplace situation, users are required to select options from a number of possible input parameters.  Application of the tools hence relies on a certain amount of professional experience and judgment, combined with access to an appropriate level of information.

To help us assess the consistency of tool users’ choices in comparison with other users, we are recruiting volunteers to participate in a Between-User Reliability Exercise taking place during November 2012.

What will the exercise involve?

The exercise will be administered by email correspondence.

Each participant will be asked to estimate inhalation and dermal exposures using Tier 1 tools for 20 workplace situations.  For each exposure situation, a worksheet will be provided, which will contain full instructions on the completion of the exercise and details of which tool(s) the participant should use.

Participants will receive an introductory pack, which will contain copies of, or instructions on how to access, the various Tier 1 tools and a short background questionnaire to complete. 

The first batch of 5 exposure situations, along with corresponding worksheets for completion and instructions will then be issued.  Participants will be asked to complete an inhalation and dermal exposure assessment exercise (as appropriate) for each given  situation. 

Participants will be asked to complete the first batch of 5 exposure situations within one week of receipt and return the completed worksheets and requested files to marlyn.davis@iom-world.org.  Upon return, participants will then be issued with a second batch of 5 exposure scenarios for completion, again within a week-long period.  In total, no more than four batches of 5 exposure situations will be issued to participants over the month period.  Within the final batch of exposure situations, a short feedback questionnaire will also be administered.

We would like participants to complete all four batches of the exposure scenarios issued and estimate that each batch will take no more than 60 minutes for completion.

The one-day feedback workshop, Edinburgh, 7th February 2013

In addition, a one-day focus group session will be held at the IOM, Edinburgh, UK on Thursday 7th February 2013.  This will allow the project team to gather more detailed feedback from an invited group of the between-user reliability exercise participants (around 20) on specific issues of importance identified from the main testing exercise results.  Participants invited to attend this workshop will be able to claim reasonable travel and accommodation expenses.

I am interested in participating in the exercise, who do I contact?

If you would like to participate in the exercise, please contact Marlyn Davis (Email: maryln.davis@iom-world.org; Tel: +44 131 449 8016) by Friday 19th October 2012.

For further technical information on the Between-User Reliability Exercise please contact:


Dr. Karen Galea
Senior Exposure Scientist
Email: karen.galea@iom-world.org
Tel: +44 131 449 8034


Judith Lamb
Project Leader
Email: judith.lamb@iom-world.org
Tel: +44 131 449 8030