About the project

The overall aim of this project is to evaluate the generic first tier exposure tools that are currently widely used for chemical safety assessments under REACH in order to determine/confirm the applicability domains of the models and to achieve more confidence about the accuracy and reliability of model predictions.  Furthermore, the project will review the user-friendliness of the tools to assess their practical usage.  
The models to be evaluated are:

The results of this project will assist both industry and registrants to choose the most appropriate model for a given exposure situation. In addition, its results will assist authorities to assess whether or not an exposure scenario presented by a registrant is safe and to estimate how conservative the exposure estimates are. 
The eteam project has the following specific objectives:
  • to collate background information on the tools and carry out an evaluation of the models’ underlying conceptual bases
  • to evaluate potential sources of exposure data to allow external validation of model predictions
  • to develop a protocol for gathering and reporting exposure data for use in the validation process
  • to collate exposure data and develop an exposure database
  • to compare model estimates with workplace exposure measurements
  • to carry out an operational analysis of the tools to determine their usability and between and within user reliability
  • to review and describe any major uncertainties in the models 
  • to compare the models applicability and suitability across a range of domains
  • to disseminate the results to relevant scientific, industry and regulatory stakeholders